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The objective of BEEF’s Code of Conduct is to assert values, standards, rules and behavior that are desirables at Balochistan Education Endowment Fund (BEEF).

BEEF have always strived to fulfill its responsibilities and encourages employees to discharge their duties in a way to

i) Contribute in the welfare of BEEF’s key stakeholders

ii) Respect the rights of all constituents effected by BEEF’s by BEEF’s operations

BEEF’s Responsibilities:

• BEEF will ensure all the Members must ensure adherence of BEEF’s Code of Conduct during execution of their bestowed responsibilities.

• BEEF’s Compliance Officer/HR Officer will appointed to report any Non-Compliance with BEEF’s Code of Conduct

• BEEF will not involve in any illegal or unethical business operations.

• BEEF will compete with its competitors in an ethical and legitimate manner.

• BEEF will provide equal employment opportunities to its existing and newly appointed employees without any discrimination

• BEEF will not promote child Labour and not appoint any individual below the age of 18 years.

• BEEF strongly condemns and discourages any kind of forced or compulsory labour.

• BEEF fully complies with Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2010 and discourages all kinds of Harassment at Workplace.

• BEEF is committed to provide safe working environment to all its members and focus on environment protection and conserving nature during its    interventions in field areas.

Employees Responsibilities:

• All Employees should avoid conflict of Interest and report any situation which can compromise their judgement to BEEF.

• BEEF employees will execute their responsibilities with honest, integrity and fairness

• BEEF employees must ensure confidentiality of all kind information acquired during execution of their responsibilities.

• Employees must ensure compliance with all applicable rules and regulations and report any non-compliance to Compliance/HR Officer.

• BEEF employees will not attempt to take advantage from Suppliers which can lead to unethical business practices.

• Employees will identify and protect all intellectual property, trade secrets, and price sensitive information in a professional and personal capacity.

• Employees will protect and use all assets in an efficient manner for their optimum utilization.

• BEEF employees will not receive any form of gifts, remuneration, donation, hospitality and illegal benefits from stakeholders which can lead to   actual or perceived uncompetitive favors or decisions for the conduct of their business.

• Employees must wear and appear in decent dress code and remain neat and clean during their presence in office premises.

• Employees will not use any kind of drugs/alcohol in any form in all BEEF’s premises and during work related travel and field visits.

• Smoking is prohibited in BEEF’s premises and all employees must ensure compliance in this regard.

• Any kind of Gambling/Betting is prohibited in BEEF’s premises

• BEEF employees must not carry any kind of Weapon in BEEF’s premises and during carrying out field activities

• All BEEF employees must not engage in any activity of any sort that illustrates radial indications of their political or religious beliefs within BEEF’s   premises or sponsored events arranged outside.

• BEEF employees must communicate any wrongdoing in BEEF’s premises through BEEF’s Anti-Corruption policy.